Save time with BottomLine Payroll Services
BottomLine fills in the expertise that you may not have…or have time for.  We shape our services to reflect the changing dynamics of your business.   Plus, we'll keep you informed about new payroll developments that may affect your business and employees.

It’s easy.
Simply provide us with your payroll information each pay period via telephone, fax or email – and we’ll do the rest. BottomLine will calculate, file, deposit and reconcile your company’s payroll.  Then, every pay period we’ll deliver your payroll and reports via courier, postal, or we can direct deposit.  We’ll also report your new hires to the appropriate agencies and respond to all agency tax inquiries on your behalf.

Save money.
BottomLine Payroll Services offers the most comprehensive, efficient and simplified method for managing your payroll.  We’ll help reduce your workload and administrative costs, while insuring the accuracy of filings.

Stay current.
BottomLine provides the necessary reports and documentation that will allow you and your employees to meet required tax obligations, whether monthly, quarterly or annually. We provide convenient, secure and easy to read reports without the confusion associated with payroll reporting.

• Payroll Journals
• Monthly or Quarterly Summaries
• Federal, State and Local Tax Returns             
• Tax Forms, W2s for all employees and W3s 
• Plus, much more!

Additional Services
Our HR services provide you with the resources for all of your employee benefits and insurance needs. From Workman’s Compensation to Health, Life and Retirement Programs, we give you flexible data management and reporting capabilities, enabling you to easily track and monitor employee development and record work-related incidents.